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Tips and Tricks for Peru (As Of 2012)


Getting There – From Cusco to Arequipa we took the cheapest option available, San Martin, for S/. 25. We would advise against this company mainly due to how cold it is at night with no heat. The taxi to the terminal is between S/.3-5.

Staying – We loved Amazing Hostel Arequipa, nice breakfast, great terrace, huge kitchen, dorm was S/. 20 each.

Eating – We had a soft spot for the falafel sandwiches at Fez Café. There are also a few cheap burger places just down Jerulsen close to the hostel. Two big supermarkets close by to get all the food you need to cook as well.

Getting Around – Very walk able town.


Getting There – From Arequipa a taxi to the terminal is S/. 7 for a reputable taxi. We again chose the cheapest bus company but the one all the locals were taking, Julsa. We paid S/. 15 for the ride, be aware the toilet usually doesn’t work but you get what you pay for. Upon arrival a taxi to the center was S/. 4.

Staying – We can’t recommend Tayke Hostel enough, it’s new and very nice. All rooms have cable TV, even the 4 bed dorms for S/. 20. Veronica is super helpful and goes above and beyond to assist you in any way she can.

Eating – We cooked the entire time at the hostel, can’t help with restaurants but there are a lot to choose from.

Getting Around – Easy to walk everywhere here.


Getting There – You have a few options, there is the easy way, a flight from Lima or the much more exciting way…the bus! We took Tepsa for S/. 120, over-priced but we needed to get out of Haucachina/Ica, and we were pretty impressed with the bus, food and service. Upon arrival we hopped a cab to the center for S/.6.

Staying – We highly recommend Ecopackers, a dorm will run you S/.27 but it’s definitely worth the price tag. The staff is great, the entire hostel is really clean, good wifi, kitchen, close to everything and it attracts a good group of people.

Eating – Our addiction was Prasada about 6 doors down to the left if facing Jack’s. The food is reasonably priced and you get the most veggies you will anywhere in town! It definitely kept us coming back for more to try everything on the menu. You can easily find set menus for S/.3-7 for a filling typical fare, one restaurant we frequented was called El Mordisc’o just down the road from Ecopacker’s.

Getting Around – Cuzco is a very walkable city, even if you are planning to see the Sacred Valley. Pisac is also a short bus ride away for S/. 6 round trip.

Jungle Trek to MP Tips

-Bring flip flops, suit and towel for the hot springs, they feel amazing after some serious trekking

-Extra expense include water, a bus to Santa Teresa S/. 5 from the hot springs (totally worth it), cable car to cross the river S/. 1, food to take with you into MP for lunch (put in a backpack not in a plastic bag or you can’t bring it in)

-The bus to the top of MP in the morning (or night) is S/.24.10 Yikes!!

-Huayna Picchu is totally worth the extra $10 USD if you can get a ticket


Getting There – We took on overnight bus with Linea for 45 S/. each. The bus was comfortable although it wasn’t the cheapest option. You can buy your own ticket by taking the combis into Trujillo. We paid 14 S/. for a trusted taxi at night to get us to the bus terminal. Upon arrival in Lima, a taxi to Miraflores cost us 12 S/.

Staying – We stayed at Pirawana, since it had a kitchen. We paid 30 S/. each for a dorm bed, on the pricey side but the beds were super comfy.

Eating – Again, we did a lot of cooking but ate out in Chinatown for lunch one day (not impressed) and also at a small place in Barranco. We aren’t sure of the name or if it even had one…but it was along the main bus route, just peek in at some local places and check out the menu.

Getting Around – The local buses are great, cheap and efficient for only 1.20-1.50 S/. per ride.


Getting There – From Lima there are various companies, we chose the cheapest (Flores) which runs a nearly hourly bus to Ica. We each paid 20 S/. and the trip took us 5-6 hours. A cab to Huacachina will run you about 5 S/., all six of us managed to pack into one cab for 10 S/.

Staying – We stayed at Rocha hotel, you will pay 20 S/. per person per night. The hostel was ok, had a pool and kitchen so we were happy. If you’re looking for a cheap dorm, Desert Nights is the way to go but their food us super overpriced.

Eating – If we weren’t running into Ica to get groceries to cook, we ate a few times at the restaurant next to Desert Nights. Their fast food was cheap and J was happy with the menu del dia, chicken fried rice.

Getting Around – No transport is necessary outside of a taxi to Ica, 5 S/. for the car, not per person.


Getting There – Bus from Loja $1.30 each, bus to Piura for $10.10 per person. Upon arrival in Piura, 3 Soles (S/.) to get to other terminal, and 16 S/. each to Mancora.

Staying – We stayed at The Point, and was the first time we’ve really spent too much time at a party hostel. You won’t be going to sleep anytime too early, but it wasn’t a bad place to go and the pool was a great place to hang out. A dorm bed will run you 27 S/. per night.

Eating – If you stay at the point, the food is actually pretty decent there. It might be a little pricey at times, but the portions are big! You can get local almuerzos in town for about 8 S/. each with a drink.

Getting Around – It’s easy enough to walk the beach into town but isn’t recommended to do at night. The tuk-tuks will take u into town for about 3 S/. if you want to go out.


Getting There – 3 S/. with tuk-tuk to get into town in Mancora, and took Dorado overnight bus to Trujillo for 37 S/. each. A combi from the terminal into Huanchaco is 1.50 S/. per person.

Staying – We stayed at McCallum and absolutely LOVED it. The family who runs it is absolutely incredible, the rooms are clean and comfy, the wifi works well, kitchen…yeah it was great! 40 S/. (15 s/. for a dorm) for a private room for 2 ppl.

Eating – There is a really nice, new grocery store (at Plaza mall) just outside of town closer to Trujillo that has a great selection of many different things. If you’re looking for a good burger made with lots of love, head towards the beach from McCullum’s and take your first right around the corner. The lady on the next block makes great burgers for only 2.50 S/.!

Getting Around – Trips in a combi back and forth to Trujillo are only 1.50 S/. each. A taxi to one of the terminals in Trujillo is about 14 S/.


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