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Belize Guide

Tips and Tricks for Belize (As Of 2011)

Caye Caulker:

Getting There – Leaving from Playa del Carmen: You can make it all the way to Caye Caulker in one day if you leave very early in the morning, by about 5am. The bus to Chetumal (the border town) cost us 344 Pesos for the two of us. From Chetumal, you can get a bus straight to Belize City for 120 Pesos. […]

Bolivia Guide

Tips and Tricks for Bolivia (As Of 2012)


Getting There – From Potosi, you can get a bus for 62B including the terminal fee…a cab to the terminal will be around 8B

If coming from La Paz or leaving to La Paz, you can take a bus with Panasur for 90Bs or if your timing is right you can catch the train.

Staying –  […]

Cambodia Guide

Tips and Tricks for Cambodia (As Of 2014)

Siem Reap:

Getting There – If you’re looking to get here from Don Det in one day, it’s definitely possible. We spent 80,000 Kip per person including the boat ticket in order to reach the border. You can do your best not to pay the extra $2 fee leaving Laos, but ultimately they have the power so you’ll probably end up paying it. […]

Colombia Guide

Tips and Tricks for Colombia (As Of 2012)


Getting There – From Salento we took a bus to Armenia for 3,400COP and then on to Popayan for 33,000COP. Again, prices were inflated due to Semana Santa and there was no negotiating. We walked to our hostel from the bus terminal once we arrived in Popayan.

Staying – We stayed at Hostal Trail, […]

Costa Rica Guide

Tips and Tricks for Costa Rica (As Of 2012)

Playa del Coco:

Getting There – (From Ometepe, Nicaragua) Get an early start and take the bus back to Allegracia for 20C and then one to Mologapa for 17C each. The boat back to San Jorge will run you 60C, possibly less depending on the boat running at the time. A cab to Rivas will cost you 40C (find friends to share) and the bus to Sapoa 20C each. […]

Ecuador Guide

Tips and Tricks for Ecuador (As Of 2012)


Getting There – Taxis in Quito are very expensive. We took an $8 taxi, called from our hostel, to the Southern Terminal. The bus ride to Banos was easy and cost $3.70 each including the terminal tax.

Staying – We would highly recommend Princesa Maria Hostal. The place is super clean and run by the nicest family. […]

El Salvador Guide

Tips and Tricks for El Salvador (As Of 2012)

El Tunco:

Getting there – We got to El Tunco from San Pedro by shuttle. This will mean you’ll have to find a place to stay for a night in Antigua and leave first thing for El Salvador the next morning. We paid 270Q each. It’s a direct route and is actually much cheaper to leave from San Pedro than even from Antigua somehow. […]

Guatemala Guide

Tips and Tricks for Guatemala (As Of 2012)


Getting There – From San Pedro, head to the church and grab a chicken bus for Xela. We paid 30Q each. You will be dropped off in Menerva market, from there walk to the other side of the market and catch a caminota to Parque Central for 1.25Q each. Everything is in walking distance from there.

Staying –  […]

Hong Kong Guide

Tips and Tricks for Hong Kong (As of 2011)

Getting there – Take the 21 bus from the airport to Kowloon (Chung King Mansion) for $33 HKD, the ride goes quick since there is wifi on the bus!

Staying – Don’t always trust the reviews on the hostel websites, we booked Ashoka Guesthouse for one night before we got to HK and we were glad we didn’t pre-book our entire stay. […]

India Guide

Tips and Tricks for India (As Of 2012)


Getting There – (from Varkala): We took a rickshaw from the Cliff to the train station for 80 Rp. From there it was an overnight ride with a super early arrival.

Staying – We stayed at one of the few places close to the train station with a 24 hour check in, called Hotel International. […]

Indonesia Guide

Tips and Tricks for Indonesia (As Of 2011)


Getting There – From Jogya, we paid 140,000 IDR each for a shuttle and booked through Setia Kawan. If you aren’t here for the end of Ramadan, be sure you pay less than this as we had to pay the inflated price with the holiday around the corner.

Staying – For us, we weren’t the biggest fans of Mini Tiga. […]

Laos Guide

Tips and Tricks for Laos (As Of 2014)


Overland from Chiang Khong, Thailand into Laos:

The Thai side is very self-explanatory once you are at the border.

Once you get stamped out, by your ticket across the bridge for 20 Baht plus 5 Baht “overtime” during “lunch”. We waited 1 hour for the bus to take us to the Laos side.

Getting Visa on arrival for Laos – […]

Malaysia Guide

Tips and Tricks For Malaysia (As Of 2011)

Kota Kinabalu:

Getting There – If you’re getting there from Kuching or Mulu, you can actually find pretty inexpensive flights if you keep your eyes open.

Staying – With almost everything booked when we got there, we stayed at Summer Lodge. We had a huge room with shared bath and AC for RM58 per night with “breakfast” included and coffee or tea all day long. […]

Mexico Guide

Tips and Tricks for Mexico (As of 2011)

Playa Del Carmen:

Getting There – After flying into Cancun, we hopped on the first shuttle to Playa. The shuttle costs 114 Pesos per person. You can’t miss the ADO buses when you walk out of the airport. They are red, shiny and look brand new with reclining seats and movies as well. Wait, this is Mexico right?!

Staying –  […]

Myanmar Guide

Tips and Tricks for Myanmar (as of 2016)


Getting there- A taxi from the airport to Nylon Hotel cost us 12,000K.

Staying- We stayed at Nylon Hotel.  Not the cheapest place you’ll find but we lucked out and had a penthouse room on the roof for $25 USD per night.  The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, and a very satisfying breakfast was included.

Eating- If you’re looking for good Indian food, […]