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Yangon, Myanmar

A Parting Gift From Myanmar…The Waterworks From The Top and The Bottom

As our bus crept into the station in the heart of Yangon and we were once again entering the chaos which had become so foreign to us in recent weeks, I found it impossible to wrap my mind around the idea of us leaving Myanmar so soon.  Perhaps just as surreal, we had left the peaceful countryside peppered with the most primitive of villages for a massive concrete jungle.  […]

Hpa’an, Myanmar

I Hope There Are Health Benefits To Having Bat Shit On Your Feet!

Some might call us crazy, opting to take a ten hour overnight bus from Inle Lake to the bustling city of Yangon only to hop on another six hour bus ride to the rural town of Hpa’an.  Granted, sixteen hours of bus travel, not to mention wait time before each ride, seemed less than appealing to us while making the decision to pass through Yangon momentarily since we would have to return at a later date to catch our flight back to Bangkok.  […]

Bagan, Myanmar

Crazy Morning Hair And Balloons In The Air

I considered asking Jessie to twist my nipple, or at the very least pinch me to ensure I wasn’t dreaming.  For years I had looked forward to the day we would visit the world famous temples of Bagan, pining for the opportunity to witness what so many others had been privy to.  At last, our own time had finally come.  I was fully aware of the potential for being surrounding by hordes of tourists, […]

Inle Lake, Myanmar

Life On The Lake Has Us Doing A Double Take

The time had come for us to embark on our first overnight bus in Myanmar after carefully choosing which company seemed most suitable for the journey.  Our past experiences dealing with ticket vendors urged us to exercise caution and be hesitant in believing we could actually be dropped off in the town of Nyaung Shwe having heard nothing but the exact opposite from various other travelers.  […]

Kyaukme, Myanmar

The Gift of Giving Enhances Our Living

When I was younger and a little but dumber, waking up on the floor usually meant I had consumed enough alcohol to last me for an entire week.  The morning I woke to the final day of our three day trek however, there was no hangover or bass drums pounding in my head.  Instead, roosters signaled bright and early it was time to start the day.  […]

Kyaukme, Myanmar

They Might Have Seen Crack But Hopefully Not My Sack!

Our building anticipation and excitement nearly prevented us from sleeping our first night in Kyaukme.  It didn’t matter to us we had no idea where exactly we were headed, how long we were trekking each day, how far we were driving on the motorbike or which villages we were sleeping in.  We couldn’t ignore the perfection of our timing to join him or the intensity of attraction we felt convincing us to make an atypical brash decision to venture into the Packed and readyunknown with little preparation.  […]

Pyin Oo Lwin, Myanmar

An Enormous Dong and a Familiar Song

Our time in Mandalay had ended as quickly as it had begun.  Though the vast majority of tourists opted for private taxis to the town of Pyin Oo Lwin, no more than a three hour drive, we knew immediately we’d rather utilize local transportation if only for the unique experience.  A small pickup truck with the bed converted into bench seating and a cover with a roof low enough to prevent me from sitting up straight throughout the entirety of our voyage provided the least expensive and most authentic option.  […]

Mandalay, Myanmar

Our First Impression Leads To A Brand New Obession

For the first time in years we had re-discovered a feeling that had almost become embarrassingly foreign to us given our passion for travel.  We would be entering a country we had never before visited with only the photos and stories of others to provide us with our own fantasy of what Myanmar held in store for us.  The excitement building within me began to spread through my body after making our way through security and into the main lobby of the airport.  […]

Chiang Rai, Thailand

It’s Pink, Undersized, and Blows When You Ride It Too Hard…But It’s Not What You Think

The moment had finally come when the sun appeared, the clouds began to dissipate, and sensitive extremities on our bodies could finally return to their fully relaxed position.  Our rapidly missed hippie pants and tank tops had re-emerged along with flip flops replacing our unfashionable hiking shoes.  We could scarcely contain our excitement to rent our first motorbike of the trip.  […]

Chiang Mai, Thailand

A Bruised Hip, More Than Just The Tip, and A Serious Weather Dip

Following a short stint in Bangkok, we once again boarded the all too familiar train headed for Chiang Mai at ten o’clock in the evening.  With sleeping berths ready to accommodate our heavy eye lids and dra
gging asses courtesy of the humid heat throughout the day, we secured our big packs to the luggage racks as we’d done so often before and hunkered down for the night.  […]

Java, Indonesia

With Temperatures Dropping Our Nipples Were Popping!

Admiration from August 2011

Never had I associated the word “cold” with any island in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia where the climate seemed capable of stripping every last ounce of water weight from my body.  However, we had found one of the few places capable of forcing me to utilize every article of clothing I could stuff in my backpack.  We woke in our simple room at a guesthouse in the town of Probolinggo on Java at one thirty in the morning, […]

Kratie, Cambodia

No, It Wasn’t a Meow!

Remembering kindness from March 2011

I had dozed off momentarily only to wake in the midst of our surprisingly clean, comfortable bus coming to a slow, rolling stop. The driver’s assistant yelled out the name of our stop, prompting the two of us to step down from the bus stairs and gather our large packs from the cargo area below. I quickly came to the conclusion there was something vastly different about this stop, […]

Kota Kinabatangan, Malaysia

While At Uncle Tan’s, Sex Isn’t In The Plans

Appreciating our experiences from July 2011

Without a doubt, our time at Uncle Tan’s deep in the jungle of Borneo was an impressive highlight from our trip. The quote on the brochure to this camp for big kids was about to be justified in every way. “The jungle is a green hell to some, but a lost paradise for many.” Uncle Tan’s was an adventure we had thoroughly looked forward to for months, […]

Sapa, Vietnam

No Really…It’s LITERALLY Mud Butt

Life in the clouds April 2011

There are times when you’re on the road when you find those special hosts who really steal a special place in your heart. Without a doubt, for me, the incredibly pregnant woman dangerously close to giving birth at our hostel in Sapa was one of them. We had returned to the four story blue building, to stay with her, […]

El Nido, Philippines

Island Exploring has Our Spirits Soaring

A fond memory from October 2011

We’d already been won over by the local people throughout our journey through the Philippines. Their relentless positive outlook and friendly character served as an example for others to live. The kids were some of the cutest we’d seen in all our travels, and our obsession with the beach had been driven to an all new extreme after finding ourselves relaxing in post card worthy settings. […]