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Java, Indonesia

With Temperatures Dropping Our Nipples Were Popping!

Admiration from August 2011

Never had I associated the word “cold” with any island in Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia where the climate seemed capable of stripping every last ounce of water weight from my body.  However, we had found one of the few places capable of forcing me to utilize every article of clothing I could stuff in my backpack.  We woke in our simple room at a guesthouse in the town of Probolinggo on Java at one thirty in the morning, […]

Derawan, Indonesia

Turtle Head Poking Out…From the Sand

Remembering July 2011

Sometimes we have to endure a bit of discomfort to find our paradise. This simple statement couldn’t have been truer about finding one of ours. We had done the research and weighed the amount of irritations that might arise. Still…with the small, primitive island of Derawan sounding more and more like a must-see, we threw all caution to the wind. […]