South America

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Huacachina, Peru

Throw Your Hands in the Air if You Dare!

Still feeling the adrenaline from June 2012

“Wow!” It was the only word worthy of expressing my first view of Huacachina, a quick fifteen minute ride from the small city of Ica. Our taxi arrived at the desert oasis nestled between the monstrous sand dunes and dropped us in town. Every available accommodation lied within walking distance of our arrival, […]

Potosi, Bolivia

Checking Out What Pachamama’s Got Under Her Skirt

Still shaking our heads and chuckling from June 2012

When we originally began planning our travels through South America, a stop in Potosi had never crossed our minds.  We immediately thought of the usual highlights more travelers become excited about; Machu Picchu, the salt flats in Bolivia, Cartagena in Colombia, and the list continues.  Luckily, we decided to visit the small town well-known for mining after enough research and recommendations from other backpackers we met along the way.  […]

Baños, Ecaudor

Cut Your Turd Elsewhere, This Isn’t the Bathroom!

A steamy memory from April 2012

Baños; a small town located in the mountains of Ecaudor translated to “baths” in English. Quite literally the word Baño is often translated to “bathroom” in English. We couldn’t help thinking upon our arrival if we had entered the bathrooms of Ecuador, we could hardly wait to see the sewer! The small town was alive with energetic locals and surrounding my stunning views of mountains towering over the people fortunate enough to wake to such beauty. […]