Sri Lanka

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Ella, Sri Lanka

Fields of Tea Away From the Sea

A heart-warming memory from August 2012

Sri Lanka had already surprised us in the greatest of ways.  I’d eaten enough of the local cuisine to be rolled out of the door on multiple occasions, and the people we encountered seemed destined to create ever lasting memories of the love and kindness exploding from the country.  We could think of no better way to reach Ella than riding in a Train to Ella, Sri Lankasecond class train through the mountainous region surrounding us.  […]

Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

Boobs In My Face and A Romantic Dining Space

Romantic candlelight dinner from August 2012

If ever we had experienced overcrowding in public transportation, nothing could have compared to the buses in Sri Lanka. Every available space on the floor of the steel, rusted beast was occupied with either a foot or bag of goods. The sweltering heat had become less than welcome as we sat smashed into the small seats, […]