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Balance is inevitably a crucial part of our lives. Burn My Map is the perfect complement to restore that balance after enjoying and appreciating wonderful aspects of The Road is Always Calling. For every heart-warming, positive story read through the blog, you’ll find a true dose of reality in the book I’ve written involving the insanity accompanying over two years of extended worldly adventure. It comes as no surprise that backpacking on a strict budget couldn’t possibly be without its challenges. More often than not, we found those pleasant stories failed to maintain the concentration of others while informing them of the experiences we had acquired. On the contrary, the moment we recollected a story involving a ten year old Indian boy pushing his finger through the linen pants and into the asshole of my beloved to deter her from ignoring his persistent begging while exploring the streets of Agra, their previously inattentive focus was once again captured with ease. Here in lied my truest inspiration to share our wildly entertaining lives with a wider audience.

Select phrases began to fill my mind throughout my writing…

“What the FUCK is that smell?” “Oh my God, what the fuck was just in my mouth?” “Are we gonna die?” “My ass hurts so bad from that bus ride I feel like I was penetrated by a horse.” “Oh shit…baby we gotta hurry! C’mon, hurry! I thought I was safe. I thought it was a fart…but it WASN’T!”

A plethora of intimate encounters with unwelcome creatures flooded the pages…

…finally jumping down after brushing the cockroach off my waist and away from my narrowly escaping penis which had immediately tucked in hiding I exploded, “Oh my God! A cockroach just tried to eat my dick!”

I couldn’t help remembering our numerous forced intimate encounters as a couple…from fighting over the bathroom while enduring what we believe was dysentery in India to sharing a cardboard bed on a tile floor while stranded by a typhoon in the Philippines. Each story as I continued to recount our misadventures seemed wilder and more unfathomable. Burn My Map forces you to laugh, cringe, and become inspired to embark on your own incredible journey…or never leave the relative safety and comfort of your couch!

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